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General Questions

I forgot my password – how do I get it?

I do not know my username – what do I do?

My company gave me a user id and password to log in, but I am getting a notification when logging in that my e-mail address already exists? What do I do?

How do I change my registration/account information?

How do I change my user id or password?

Where do I find my assignments to complete?

I completed an assessment, where do I find resources on interpreting my results?

After I complete an assessment – how soon will I receive the results?

How do I contact someone for technical support?

Knowledge Assessment Questions

What is this assessment going to tell me?

Is there only one correct answer?

Is there a penalty for guessing?

What if I don’t understand a question?

Should I answer based on what I’d really do or what I think I should do?

Is this an open-book assessment?

When will I get my results?

How long does this knowledge assessment take to complete?

Do I have to complete the assessment in one sitting?

360 Assessment Questions

What is this assessment going to tell me?

I was asked to rate someone else – why?

I was asked to rate someone else and can’t answer most of the questions on the assessment, should I complete it?

I don’t want the person I am rating to know how I replied - is the information I provide confidential?

How do I decide who to select as raters?

What if I only have one direct report (or customer, or peer, etc.)

How many raters should I select?

How do I tell who completed the assessment and who didn’t?

How do I check the status of completions?

How long does it take to complete the 360 assessment?

E-Learning Questions

Why won’t my Skillsoft e-learning course load?

How do I know if I’ve completed a Skillsoft course?

Where can I print a certificate of completion for a Skillsoft course?